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Edgar Oliver

Edgar Oliver

Performer, Playwright, Poet

Interviewed on: Thursday, November 30, 2017
Location: at Primary Stages
Interviewed by: Sally Plass
Interview #117
Photo Credit: Pavel Antonov
"Just keep trying to do things. I will, and that’s my message to anybody working and starting out in theatre, just keep on trying to do stuff."
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Edgar Oliver Interview
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Edgar Oliver is a performer, playwright, and poet who has been active in New York’s downtown theatre scene since the early 1980s. He began his career performing poems and monologues at venues such as The Pyramid Club and ABC No Rio. As a playwright, many of his works have been staged at La MaMa and other downtown NYC theatres. His credits as a playwright include: THE SEVEN YEAR VACATION (1989), THE GHOST OF BROOKLYN (1989), THE LOST BEDROOM (1990), THE POETRY KILLER (1990), MOTEL BLUE 19 (1991), MOSQUITO SUCCULENCE (1993), HANDS IN WARTIME (1994), and THE DROWNING PAGES (2000). As a stage actor, he has appeared in productions with Cliplight Theater and the Axis Theatre Company, and his credits include: DIAL M FOR MODEL (1986), WHEN LITHUANIA RULED THE WORLD PARTS I-IV (1987, 1992), HOSPITAL (since 1997), CARL THE SECOND (2001), SEVEN IN ONE BLOW, OR THE BRAVE LITTLE KID (since 2002), JULIUS CAESAR (2002), A GLANCE AT NEW YORK (2003), USS FRANKENSTEIN (2003), and TRINITY 5:29 (2009). As a solo artist, he has written and performed five critically acclaimed one-man shows: EAST 10TH STREET: SELF PORTRAIT WITH EMPTY HOUSE (2008), HELEN & EDGAR (2012), IN THE PARK (2014), ATTORNEY STREET (2016), and LONDON PARIS (2017).

Edgar Oliver was born in Savannah, Georgia. He graduated from Columbia University with a degree in art history. His film roles include That’s Beautiful Frank, Henry May Long, and Gentlemen Broncos, and his television work includes appearances on Oddities and hosting Odd Folks Home for the Science Channel. He has published one novel, The Man Who Loved Plants, and produced four collections of poetry that have been published by Oilcan Press. He is one of the most beloved storytellers at The Moth. He regularly collaborates with Brooklyn-based musical collective The Octave Doktors. His sister is Helen Oliver Adelson, a renowned visual artist.

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